Thursday, January 28, 2010

Saturday Swim at KW

Hi Everyone, Great news!

Dean Hawks the Swimming Coach at Kelly Walsh has offered to give swimming instruction to Members of the Casper Triathlon Club!! The first training session will be this Saturday @ 7am at the the Kelly Walsh High School swimming pool. The entrance is on the West side facing the football field, park in the Norht parking lot and walk to the entrance located halfway between the North and South parking lots. The training session will last approximately 1 hour. There have been many questions about swimming and this is an excellent opportuntiy to get swim training directly from a Professional, 1 session with Dean Hawks can make up for months of swimming on your own. If you have any questions or concerns about swimming, Dean is the BEST resource for you!!!

Good swimming!Casper Triathlon Club

Monday, January 18, 2010

Casper Triathlon Club Facebook page

CTC has a facebook page. Check us out!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saturday Run

~ run along the Platte River Path~

8am @ METRO (241 S David)

Swim workouts - January

1) Beginner/less conditioned – 1050 meters
Warm-up - swim 200m easy swimming Drills –
50 yards side kick drill 50 yards side-to-side free 50 yards catch-up free Focus Set - 3 x 200 yards, resting 30 seconds between. effort steady, but not hard. Cool-down - 2 x 50 yards, rest 15 sec between. odd lengths swim catch-up freestyle.

2) Intermediate -1300 meters
Warm up 200m easy swimming
1 x200 rest 45seconds (steady)
6 x50 rest 10seconds
4 x100 rest 20 seconds (good effort)
Warm down 200m easy

Monday, January 4, 2010

Casper Triathlon Club Informational Meeting

Triathlon Informational Meeting
Tuesday, Jan 12 at 6pm
Wyoming Athletic Club (Eastside)